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Neribri Annual Sale WA

Mixed Neribri sale reaches $3300 top

It was mixed results at the 11th annual Neribri production sale on Saturday 27th Sept in Boyanup when a top price of $3300 was realised but a disappointing clearance was the outcome.
Despite stud principals Neroli and Brian Smith presenting their first offering of Baldie rams which, along with Wiltipolls represented their breeding objectives of shedding, short wool type, early growth and maturity, their clearance resulted in only 12 out of the 36 offered selling under the Elders' hammer at an average of $896.
Several sales were being negotiated after the auction which included the sale of the first Baldie offered with all the proceeds including commission going to Camp Quality Wescarpade.
Despite initially being overlooked, lot 21 was quickly snapped up by M & C Barker at $500 after the proceedings.
Elders auctioneer Don Morgan said despite the lack of buyers, the ram penned up well.  "This year's sale was three weeks earlier than previous Neribri sales, therefore the rams didn't show their full shedding potential due to the time of sale and cooler weather conditions throughout the region," he said.
"The good rams sold well but unfortunately there was just a lack of buyer's support on the day."
Hitting the stud's $3300 record top price was an upstanding Wiltipoll sire in lot eight. Mrs Smith, along with many others picked this ram as a favourite and with an early post weaning weight (EPWWT) of 60kg, eye muscle depth (EMD) of 32mm and a fat score 3mm, it was clear to see why. In the end the structurally sound, fully shedding, well-grown sire was knocked down to Elders Busselton representative Clint Gartrell who purchased the twin youngster on behalf of loyal client John Watkins, Condingup. Along with the top price sire, Mr Watkins also got his hands on a second Wiltipoll ram. This youngster was the $1900 second top price ram of the sale and weighed 86.6kg, measuring 31mm EMD and 5mm for fat.
Mr Watkins religiously buys two elite rams every second year from Neribri stud and has been on their genetics for approximately 10 years.
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Sept 2016



Munna Ram 1029 sold for $2600

February 2013
Munna Registered Wiltipoll Sale

Top prices of $2900 for Carthona ram and $2600 for Munna ram

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February 2011
Munna Wiltipoll On Property Sale
Top priced ram sold by Carthona for $2500

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January 2011
NSW & Qld Combined Breeders Sale
Peter & Judy Colless of Carthona topped the sale with one ram being purchased for $2050.  They sold another ram for $1075.

Colin Adler sold a ram for $1000 and Ian Hopwood sold a ram for $900.
Carthona also topped the ewe sale with a ewe sold for $675.
Paul Brady sold 2 ewes for $600.

October 2010
South Australian Combined Breeders                 
Top price of $5800 for Wonoka bred ram

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October 2010
Neribri Stud, Boyanup, Western Australia
31 rams sold to top of $3000

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