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Recent Prime Lamb Sales

January 2017
Cameron Wild, Molong NSW 
On 24th January I sold my whole drop of 50 cross-bred, mixed sex lambs 5 to 7 months of age in Forbes. I sold the whole drop at once due to the season getting tighter. The lambs were sired by an Australian White ram out of my pure Wiltipoll ewes. The lambs were straight off their mothers and had no supplementary feed. The pasture they were running on was a mix of native and some introduced pasture including plantain, oats, vetch, peas, forage brassica and chicory, in a multi-species mix as designed by Col Sies. 
The top price was $159.60 and they averaged $146.00.
We gave the Australian White a go as a friend of ours breeds them. The ram did a good job but we have used a pure Wiltipoll ram this year as we would like to keep our ewe flock pure.

April 2017
Annie Hughes Kars Pastoral Co
On 27th April 2017 Kars Pastoral Co sold a mixed load of 520 Wiltipolls at the sheep and lamb market at Ouyen Victoria.The load was made up of wether lambs, two tooth (2 year old) wethers and ewes and cull rams. It was an excellent sale for all categories of the sheep offered for sale but the stand out lot was the 40 two year old wethers and ewes which made $171.50/head.   This is a record price for us for two year old sheep in pastoral country.


Our trade lambs were sold in February at the Forbes sale yards. The lambs were 5 to 6 months old and were straight out of the paddock with no supplementary feeding. Prices were 59 @ $123.00, 15 @ $122.00, and some hoggets @ $106.00. 
Gloria and Des Houlihan, Peppercorn Ridge Flock 231
March 2015

April/May 2014
Reavesdale stock report from Cowra Sales 2014
We weighed our wiltipoll lambs straight from the paddock at 45kg. Live they would dress out at about 20-22 kg. Details below:


No. of wiltipoll lambs

Trade Weight Price ($)











January 2012
138 lambs (straight off their mothers) sold to Country Fresh, Tamworth. Top lambs weighed 33.9kg dressed - averaging $165.80. Total draft averaged 27.1kg dressed, averaging $138.12 with a $3 skin value. These were the first draft of the spring 2011 lambs.
Jill & Harry Powell
Munna Coolah NSW

May 2011
18 lambs sold to T & R Pastoral, Murray Bridge aiming for weight class of 32kgs. For ten lambs that hit the mark we received $168.80 for the carcase plus $5 for each skin making $173.80/ head.
A & M Wilkinson
Marli Stud
Macclesfield SA

March 2011
25 wether lambs sold at Dublin lamb sale. These lambs were 3rd X Wiltipoll/Merino, were 8 months old and made $165 a head. Another pen of 28 made $135 each.
Neville Sloper
Spring Creek Wiltipolls
Kapunda SA

October 2010
116 lambs to $146 average $126.25 Cowra Saleyards NSW
Ian Hopwood
Reavesdale Flock 147

May 2010
61 WP lambs over 21kg dressed up to $103.80 av $101.62. Works out to $4.80kg with $3 skin value. These were store wether lambs purchased from Kars Stn in Dec 09. Live to dressed ratio was 48% which was higher than other crossbred lambs which are usually 46%. Lambs were finished over summer on dry feed with no supplementary grain. Sold at Stawell to Woolworths Vic.
Scott Hetherington
Penola SA


29th April 2010
Wether lambs Oct/Nov 09 drop (late lambs) 87 @ $109.00 182 @ $86.00 62 @ $80.00. Heavy wethers 08 drop - 35 @ $120.00 Sold at the Ouyen market (Vic) Lambs & wethers sired by Kars rams.
Fred Hughes
Kars Station Broken Hill NSW

15th February 2010
Pen of 6/7 month old WP/Mo cross lambs sold for $113/h at Dubbo. These lambs had suffered a very dry season. Wool shedding breeds have a designated area in the Dubbo sale yards and have become much more acceptable to buyers.
Harry & Jill Powell
Munna Coolah NSW

October 09
5 month old sucker lambs $95 & $90 Cowra Saleyards Sired by Wiltipoll rams, with White Suffolk/Merino dams Ian Hopwood Reavesdale Flock 147 12th June 2009 73 second cross Wiltipoll lambs sold for $158.50/h at Griffith Saleyard.
Neil McDermott
Bunganbil Narrandera NSW