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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: Any pedigree recorded sheep that do not meet the breed standard should be culled rather than sold as 'commercial' for the good of the national flock.


Q: Can we use Wiltshire Horn ewes to start our breeding program with our registered Wiltipoll Ram? 

A: Yes. Members are encouraged to contact the Breeding Sub Committee to register their activities and to ensure that the Wiltshire Horns that are being used are pure bred. 

Will this cross produce Class A offspring?

A: Yes. The progeny of a WH ewe and registered Wiltipoll ram (Class A or Class A1) will be classified as a Class A animal provided that it is polled or scurred and does not have true horn. Further information is available from the Breeding Sub Committee.


Q. What is the cost of an advertisement in the Wiltipoll newsletter eg: quarter page or 10cm high x 6cm wide approx.

A: $50.00

Q: How old are 'cast for age' ewes and  on what points are they culled?

A: 5 to 6 year olds. They are culled on age only.



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