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Buy from Registered Breeder

Buyer Beware

Breeders who are members of the Wiltipoll Association are bound by the rules of the Association and the Wiltipoll classification system.  More information is available but broadly a Wiltipoll must shed it's fleece annually.

If you intend to register your purchase, check with the Association to ensure that rams are currently registered and ewes are from a registered flock.  If this is not the case it is very unlikely that the sheep will be entitled to future registration. 

Refer to Membership page for breeders of both registered and unregistered sheep.

Regardless of registration requirements, reputable breeders will happily discuss the breeding of their flock and the class of any animals they are selling along with their health status and age.

Wiltipolls are displayed at many shows across Australia including Bendigo, Hamilton SheepVention, Geelong, Perth Royal, Adelaide Royal, Wagin Woolarama and Karoonda Sheep Fair. 

Viewing sheep on display at shows, field days or at breeders sales will help you to recognise quality sheep.